Naked Girl At The Door Gets Fucked - Bang POV

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Rachael Cavalli was knocking at Sean’s house. She was out of gas and needed somebody to take her to the gas station to fill up her canister. But Sean was in the middle of reading his Penthouse magazine. He couldn’t be bothered with helping neighbors. He told her a firm no. He was not planning on leaving the house today. It knocked again. Sean was more upset as he went to the door. Rachael was there, all in sexy underwear. He said nice try. And closed the door again. Back to his Penthouse magazine. It knocked again. Rachael was at the door all naked. Fuck me! She said. So he did. She sucked his dick, gave him a titty fuck. They went to the bedroom. She was riding him both ways. Then they fucked in doggy, missionary, another doggy fuck until he came all over her face.