Niki Harris Fucks Roommate - Bang POV

Channel: Bang POV

Niki Harris has to be one of my favorite stars. We are so lucky to have her in today to show off her precious body. She's getting squeaky clean in the tub with a retractable shower head and just watching it makes me want to put my hands down my pants. The way her ass shakes in the water, her soft moans, her legs perched on the tub to let us see all of her. I think I'm falling in love! We have our boy Freddy in the living room thinking that his roommate Niki wasn't there. He jacks off to porn not knowing Niki is in the bathroom. She gets scared when she hears him nut so she slowly creeps up to see it was Freddy all along. Niki was quick to get on her knees and show off the size of her dildo and compare it to Freddy's monster cock. It wasn't long until she realized she liked playing with Freddy's cock and started to suck on it. Watch Niki's ass bounce up and down on a BBC and hear her quiver and moan from the pleasures of it all. Freddy's a lucky man.